Fool for Love

During the break, one of our lovely TSA representatives (Sadie Johnston) saw a wonderful show called Mojo (produced by Red One Theatre Collective). If you have a passion for theatre, Sadie recommends that you go and check out their upcoming production called Fool for Love. This Sam Shepard work is being played at the Meta Gallery, located at 124 Ossington Ave. The show runs until the 21st of January.

E-mail to reserve tickets ($20 each).


If you see the show, don’t be shy to leave us a comment to let us know what you thought! We would love to hear from you.


“Ego Boost” by Sadie Johnston

So I’m a massive nerd, and spent my Saturday night at the Making it with Multimedia seminar that happened in the FFT and Recital Hall. And let me just say, I had no idea what was going on. Honestly, I was very confused. As a lowly first year, with no real knowledge of anything, I went in there just wanting to learn.

And it was incredible. I learned an insane amount (including the effect of 96 projectors on one set. Interested? Ask PMcK about it), and met some super cool people. One company in particular is super excited to educate.

Coolux, the creators of Pandora’s Box, in particular. These guys developed a program that allows you to project onto a 3-D object (like a sphere or cube) and make it look natural. They use a program to warp the images so it literally looks like it’s wrapping around the object. Did I mention they offer free training programs on how to use their technology?

Yes, ladies and gents, through the overwhelming interest of Yorkies (yours truly included) these wonderful people have decided to do a special training session, at York University, just for us. Honestly, if you have any inclination that you may ever in your life touch a projector, keep your ears peeled to hear more about this.

The people are super awesome, and they don’t expect you to have any previous knowledge in the field (trust me, I asked). They just want to teach us how to use some cutting edge technology.

The people are super awesome, and they don’t expect you to have any previous knowledge in the field (trust me, I asked). They just want to teach us how to use some cutting edge technology.

Peace Out!

Happy Holidays From The Theatre Student Association!

T’is the season for snow, carols, hot chocolate, Christmas movies, snuggly winter themed pajamas and rest and relaxation for all of us stressed out theatre students! We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for a wonderful semester! Events like TSA Night at the Ab, ordering theatre hoodies and sweatpants, and coffee houses could not have gone on without the love and support of the theatre student body.


We have many awesome events coming your way next semester so look out for things like: relaxation and movie nights, another TSA Night at the Ab, another coffee house with our famous CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN, performance opportunities, and we are currently planning fundraising events so that theatre students can give back to those less fortunate and empower them with the arts. We are also revamping our newsletter to include more up to date information on theatre throughout Toronto and York University. If you have any suggestions for TSA we want to hear them! Co-presidents Ali Maynard and Brianna Roberts attend all faculty meetings and represent the wishes and needs of all theatre students. We have also come in under budget this semester so if you have any cool ideas for events send them our way. All suggestions can be emailed to


We hope you have a fantastic holiday season with your families and friends. Whatever you celebrate wether it be Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or any other holiday we hope it brings you much relaxation and joy. We look forward to seeing all your smiling faces next semester!


Happy Holidays!


One Love,

The Theatre Student Association

York Theatre Gear

Finally, some cool YU theatre gear! Order forms are now in circulation. You can pick up your own form by visiting our notice board near the first year call board in the CFT building. If you’re having problems locating the board, please feel free to leave us a comment with your e-mail so we can get a form to you!


We are selling…

  • Water Bottles for $10
  • Sweat Shirts for $20
  • Sweat Pants for $20


Order forms are due by November 29th. Please hand in your completed forms to your grade rep. Melissa Buckley is our first year rep. Julia Rocchi is our second year rep. Brianna Roberts is our third and fourth year rep.


For more information please send us an e-mail at!

Meet & Greet

Welcome to our first digital meet & greet!

This week we thought it would be fun to post some short profiles from some of the members from TSA. Browse through a rep bio below! If you have any questions, please fire them off to us in our comments section at the end of this entry. We’d love to hear from you, and we’ll do our best to answer any questions you may have. Without further ado, let’s learn more about your TSA representatives! In no particular order…

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Interview: Brianne Kelsick

We are moving swiftly towards the frigid Winter months. Leaves are falling, the weather is turning chill, and grey skies loom as the sun hurdles more enthusiastically into the horizon each day. Every year around this time I love to sit down to read, write and relax. It’s for this reason that I’m happy to be plucking away at my keyboard with a new interview from TSA. This week we’re examining the cheerful and lovely Brianne Kelsick!

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TSA Night at the Ab

We want to shovel nachos at you until you puke. That’s right. Puke. TSA Night at the Ab is coming up on November 20th. York’s Theatre Students Association is hosting a social get-together with music, free stuff, prizes and, as mentioned, free nachos! Come and meet your TSA reps and get to know your peers better. Bring your friends! You don’t have to be a theatre student to enjoy free stuff, right? Here’s the break down y’all:

  • What? TSA Night
  • Where? The Absinthe Pub
  • When? November 20th 7pm-Party O’Clock
  • Why? Free stuff. Oh, and it’s a pub.
  • Who? You and your buddies.

As a special note, if you or your friends have a musical act you would like to debut, feel free to e-mail for more information about signing up and playing some tunes. We provide mics and amps. No drums please!
See you there!

Interview: Chad Froude

Chad Jeremy Froude is a first year theatre major, and a terrific floor-mate here at Winters residence. He is 18 years old. We were sitting in the Student Centre earlier, and I decided that I would interrupt his lunch to ask him some very important questions about his life here at York. Or, if not important questions, then at least some interesting ones to try and unlock the story behind the man… the man who wore his bath robe to his FACS tutorial…

I didn’t waste Chad’s time. My first question to him was “Why did you choose York?” His response felt truthful. He told me that he decided to come here because he felt like a person when dealing with York. Chad expressed his dislike for the way Ryerson conducted their interview, telling me that he was “just a number” to them. York was an obvious choice to aim for on the large list of schools. Back in his home-province Newfoundland, Chad had the opportunity to work with some wonderful people who also attended York a number of years ago… It’s safe to say that it was very early on when Chad pushed York’s Like button. Continue reading

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Stay tuned this week for our very first theatre interview with Winters’ very own Chad Jeremy Froude! Find out more about the man who wore only his bath robe to his FACS tutorial…

We want you!

Hey theatre students!

You have stories to share, we know it! Be sure to stay tuned to our blog to read cool interviews from your fellow peers, professors, TA’s, and other wonderful people from the Department of Theatre. If you have ideas, suggestions, complaints, concerns or anything else on your mind, please feel free to leave us a comment. We’d be happy to hear from you.

The Theatre Students Association  meets on Mondays at 6:30 in CFT 154. York University’s Theatre Students Association is a collective body of artists whose task is to promote communication, and fortify relationships between students of all levels and interests in the Department of Theatre. If you’re interested, come on out!